Mid-term review IDN 265 - ITS only

The Dutch-funded Niche/IDN/265 project focuses on curriculum improvement net of the ICZM and IWRM curricula in place at respectively ITS and ITB. As the project is half-way its implementation, with some activities being carried out and others yet to be started, it is appropriate to obtain feedback from the lecturers, students and management staff involved in the progress and find out more about project progress and on expectations for the future. In this report, only the responses of ITS lecturers, students and management staff are visible.

You can click on a dot to read or listen to the experiences of lecturers, students and management staff with the project. Clicking on a dot enlarges the dot in that particular question and highlights this persons answers everywhere in the report allowing you to trace this person’s answers. Clicking on a dot a second time will close the story. It is also possible to trace several people at the same time. Read your own story and that of others now!

Experiences with the project

We asked lecturers, students and management staff to share a story about a specific experience they had during the project. This story (positive, negative or neutral) could be all can be about any moment that they find valuable to share. It can be about new knowledge, new connections, new exposure, or anything else that you find worthwhile describing, in relation to the project IDN265.

What was your story mostly related to?

What occurred in my story happened ...

Which parties were involved in this story?

The tone of voice in my story is ... combined with Group

The tone of voice in my story is (x-axis) + What occurred in my story happens (y-axis)

Participation in the project

Besides the story, we've asked lecturers, students and management staff some questions about the project in general. These are not necessarily related to the stories, but concern experiences with the project in general.

How have you been involved with the project?

To which of the following goals do you believe the project has been contributing most?

Since my participation in the project, my view on adequate educational approaches for the water sector changed ...

In general, the hopes and expectations that I have had of the project are ...

Because of this project, we now interact more with ...

The level of the new curriculum is ...

Insights and Gains

What are benefits or insights you have gained during the project?

  • new knowledge
  • new skills and knowledge, new friends, enjoyment
  • Skill Pyhton
  • - add new knowledge - stress reliever
  • Better management of coastal
  • I know more about flora and fauna in Ciliwung upstream and understanding the society condition
  • This project makes me realize that integrated coastal zone management is very important because the complex problem of coastal zone can be solved by participants of all of people, not only certain sector. Besides, the advantage of this project is I know that most of people have been ignoring coastal management, including the pollution management and our coastal zone needs to be improved as soon as possible
  • Benefit for personal institution and country
  • New knowledge about open software 'Python'
  • Learn new things (software Delft3D) and broadening networks
  • To be good preparation plan and implementation focus to subject be treated to find solution of problem insight subject
  • Many aspects related to ICZM project to our department (Ocean Engineering Department) were improved, such as: improved curriculum, technical skills of our staff, facilities & equipment, networking, etc.
  • Benefits gained is to learn and explore marine engineering
  • New experience and knowledge about software that I have never used before
  • Able to use open source Delft3D software
  • Increasing the experience in the work field
  • from my research, I know how to operate Delft3D
  • It makes me understand about damage in coastal area and have brainstorming with the local people related with that problem.
  • By doing survey in the field, we know more about how to do bathymetry measurement, like the steps and the tricks. In the class, we only know about the theory. Besides, we also know the difficulties so we should learn more about that to overcome those difficulties.
  • The benefits that I have gained during this project is having new ability in new CFD software like Autodesk one.
  • Able to make my final project easier
  • Know more about this method and the application
  • I became aware and know how to speed up the delayed project. And know the advantage of bamboo matress and cluster in ocean engineering and geotechnic.

What have you done with the gains or insights that you obtained through the project?

  • delft 3d for my thesis
  • transfer knowledge to students and someone needed
  • improvement of lecture material
  • conduct an invited talk, gathering session with students and lecturers to talk about gender issues in ITS
  • More aware with the coastal condition
  • I become more aware to social and environmental condition
  • In this seminar, i participate to add my opinion as a student about how to develop the coastal management and finding the solution. And increase the awareness about how important is the coastal zones
  • Improvement of quality and quantity in teaching (integrated coastal management, coastal process, and oceanography)
  • I learn another methods/software to evaluate, study and solve the coastal problems such as sedimentation or water quality.
  • Moral to move in the next project in order to have good plan / design and result
  • Use all benefits from the project to improve our department capabilities, such as: applying the trained material (software) for our lecturers to our students through learning process, etc.
  • understanding of coastal engineering
  • make the batimetry mesh and modeling the depth
  • able to work my final project with new software
  • more open to science
  • Trying to do my final project
  • I learn a lot about how to planned breakwater design and learned about how to socialize with local communities
  • The advantage from the survey is to share with other people that bathymetry survey is really important and need high precision/accuracy. Survey is not as easy as the theory.
  • I have gained an analyse of sea water flow at intake canal for cooling system of power plants.
  • Using Delft 3D as tools to make final project easier
  • Understand more about the method and able to do the management analysis
  • I have not received a similar project since I last followed the practice work

Wishes for the future

What do you need more of to continue or follow-up on applying new gains or insights?

In your opinion what would the project need to do more of?


In my view the gender balance in our courses is …

Can you explain your answer?

  • gender is not an issue
  • gender issue in indonesia is not significant
  • gender issue is not a concern
  • Because the society is still affected with culture in paying attention to gender
  • I never looked at people by their gender. I looked people by their skill
  • Gender equality in Indonesia is still a hard topic to discuss, this is because many people see this issue from religious point of view. This is very difficult because many Indonesian people do not see religious point of view as a private sector. Therefore, many people want to apply their religious point of view to all indonesian people although Indonesia have an religious diversity
  • In Indonesia, it is not a crucial problem. It already become culture and understood by each other
  • No gender issue in Indonesia
  • At ITS there are no problems with gender issues, every students has same opportunity and chance for every activities
  • It is clear that no gender to obtain the occasion to study in university in general
  • The gender issues in our department actually is not critical one. So far we already proportionally done any aspects related to our human resources. We only need knowledge and information to enhance our view on it.
  • I think, both woman and men deserve the same education
  • There is no gender equality issues
  • In Indonesia, gender equality already in good condition
  • woman emancipation
  • Gender equality issues is not a matter to be questioned, because this project can be done by both men and woman
  • No gender problem in this project. Everybody can do it. But there is a little bit problem like "timing". Doing a modelling, especially for 3D and CFD requires a computer with high specifications like in the laboratory. But some of woman have to go home before night so it may be a little problem
  • Because delft3D is easy to learn
  • in every job and analysis about some issues/problems, we need to focus about finding the solution. So it doesn't matter whether men or women as long we can solve the problem
  • Actually there is no problem at all, it's just that very few women who take this field of science in my experience

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