NSF Food Safety Assessment for Bottlers


In this report, you can read the results of the NSF Food Safety Culture Assessment for Bottlers. Several employers from senior and middle management and from the work floor have filled in this assessment. The onsite assessment was designed to validate your facility’s Food Safety Maturity Level. The goal is to collect your stories, feeling and impression of the Food Safety Culture specific to your facility. The stories were collected online or via small groups. All the responses are anonymous. In this report, you can click on a dot to read or listen to the experiences storytellers. Clicking on a dot enlarges the dot in that particular question and highlights this persons answers everywhere in the report allowing you to trace this person’s answers. Clicking on a dot a second time will close the story. It is also possible to trace several people at the same time. Read your own story and that of others now!

Who are the storytellers?

Duration of employment

Job Title

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Level of education

Experience with food safety culture

How long ago did this story take place?

What was your role in this story?

To which topic is this story related?

Who was involved?

Making sense of your story

How does this story made you feel?

NSF in the world

Who was impacted by the story?

To what extent did the situation described in your story has evolved since then?

What should be the next steps for the story you shared...

Future of Food Safety Culture

What is now most needed to reinforce the Food Safety Culture of your organization?

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Which elements would be most needed to reinforce the Food Safety Culture of your organization...