Think of a moment in this workshop when you felt that what you were learning was particularly useful (or particularly not useful). Please describe that moment:

  • The activity matrix was very useful to characterise the specific activities under a project
  • Looking at the COM B Model
  • The design of useful theory of change in context of our project.
  • theory of change tools
  • Useful
  • Theory of change
  • The moment when I learned about the theory of change, summarised in the chart paper was really nice.. it would have been all over the place if it was not for the chart paper methodology
  • The session on activity planning

This workshop made you feel… (pick up to 2)

Your story above describes a workshop that was… (pick up to 2)

Your story above is about… (pick up to 2)

The workshop brought ideas/skills that were…

The facilitators were …

Improving on your experience in your story requires…

As a result of what happened in the workshop, you feel…

As a result of what happened in the workshop, you feel your skills/understanding… (pick 1)

Do you have any other comment on today’s workshop?

  • It would have been useful to get the slides beforehand (on the morning) so it would be easier to follow the discussion.
  • Add a introduction session of partner organization's work too.
  • would like to engage south asian consultant more
  • It was knowledgeable and informative
  • It was really helpful, Thank you
  • Very helpful

To which gender identity do you most identify?

You work as a …